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British American Tobacco is made up of different people; different cultures and backgrounds, coming together to form something new, something remarkable, every day. Our diversity makes us unique.

And because supporting individuality means we stay strong, graduate recruitment and development is a key pillar of our business strategy, ensuring that our organisation is equipped with talented leaders helping us turn challenges into opportunities making us one of the world’s best performing companies with a strong track record, creating a bright future for us all.

Each year we select, train and develop some of the world's brightest and most outstanding graduate trainees. British American Tobacco International Management Trainee Programme is specially designed for independent and motivated thinkers who love learning and taking on new challenges and responsibilities – people who want to stand out in the corporate world, on their own terms.

We invest heavily in our two year International Management Trainee Programme, designed to train people to an exceptional global standard of excellence. You choose the business function that suits your individual strengths and we will structure your development around a clearly defined set of deliverables. To help you open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, you will have opportunity to work on challenges professionally and internationally, many of our Management Trainees have a chance to work away from home country for a period of time.

This gives us unique advantages – a broad diversity of cultures, perspectives and skills in our workplace, combined with the ability to share knowledge globally, helping us to innovate and stay ahead of changing trends and consumer preferences.

Join our International Management Trainee Programme and you’ll see how committed we are to working in very close partnership with you, to provide you with opportunities to shine, to grow and develop, to make an early impact so you’ll develop the skills you need to succeed as a business leader anywhere in the world.

When you’re committed to making your mark on the world, getting the right start is crucial. That's why we developed the MT Programme.

Throughout the Programme you will enjoy support and gain encouragement from three sources:

  • Your coach, helping you extract maximum value from the programme
  • Your personal mentor an experienced manager from another function
  • Other management trainees giving you a network of invaluable contacts around the world


Phillip Glessner


Philip Glesner
Marketing Management Trainee, UK

The International Management Trainee Programme

“The focus on personal development coupled with the challenging cross functional and cross border assignments that you will face during the programme, present a unique opportunity for you to shape and excel your career in the company.”